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Essay: Telling a visit or a trip to the countryside
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Essay: Telling a visit or a trip  to the countryside

As  we  know,  narrative  writing  is  a  very  familiar  in  English.  In  this  period,  we  will further practise this kind of writing. This is an essay about telling a visit to the countryside for Student Grade 9 - Unit 3 - The  countryside.

In  Every year whenever summer comes I usually have a visit to somewhere. Last Summer was not exception. Last Summer my class held a visit to Ngu hiep village on Sunday.

On that day I got up very early. We went there by bike. When we rode on the road , we saw many tall trees,  beautiful  houses, people . What a lovely sight!

It took me about 20 minutes to go there. Before reaching Ngu Hiep village I had a chance to sit on the ferry crossing Tien river. The water in the river is very clean and crystal.


When reaching I felt comfortable. The air was fresh and cool there. There were a lot of fruits there such as durians, plum, mango, …Especially, durians are very delicious in Ngu Hiep villages.

Then my friend, Lan took us to her uncle’s house and we had lunch there. We also went a walk  around . The sights were wonderful there .People were very friendly and hospitable.

And finally it’s time for us to go home. We came home at about 5:00 PM . I felt happy and enjoyed that trip very much. I hope I will have a chance to come back there again next year.

Another essay: telling the countryside

It  was  a  beautiful  day,  my friends  and  I decided to go on a picnic. We took a bus to  the  countryside  and  then  we  walked about  20  minutes  to  the  picnic  site  next to  the  river.  We  put  down  the  blankets played the games “What song is it?” and "blind man’s buff". Late in the afternoon we   went   shopping.   We   enjoyed   our picnic.  When  we  looked  at  the  time,  it was    nearly    6.30pm.    We    hurriedly gathered  out  things  and  ran  to  the  bus stop. We were lucky to catch the last bus and   we   arrived   home   very   late   that  evening.


Another essay: telling the countryside

At 6.30 in the morning, the bus collected  Ba and his family from their home. After picking  everyone  up,  the  bus  continued north  on  Highway  Number  1.  It  crossed  the Dragon Bridge and stopped at the gasstation to get some more fuel. Then, it left  the highway and turned left onto a small road  westward.  This  road  ran  between green  paddy  fields,  so  the  people  on  the bus could see a lot of cows and buffaloes. The road ended before a big store beside a pond. Instead of turning left towards a small airport, the bus went in the opposite direction.  It  didn’t  stay  on  that  road  for very  long,  but  turned  left  onto  a  road which   went   through   a   small   bamboo forest. Finally, the bus dropped everyone off  at  the  parking  lot  ten  meters  from  a big  old  banyan  tree.  It  parked  there  and waited  for  people  to  come back  in  the evening.




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